Issue 11Welcome to Mock Turtle!

It’s that time. Start sending your submissions for Issue 12. Deadline is Friday, November 13. Release date will be First Friday, December 4, in Downtown Dayton! (Be sure to check out Handmade Holiday that night, too!)

You can still find copies of Issue 11 at The Ohio Coffee Company, Ghostlight Coffee, Saxby’s on Brown, Clash, and other downtown locations. You can also check Christopher’s and Java the Hut in Kettering, Central Perc in Oakwood, and Spirited Goat in Yellow Springs.

About Mock Turtle

Mock Turtle Zine is an independent publishing effort undertaken to give artists and authors in Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding areas a vehicle for sharing their work. Check us out!

3 thoughts on “

  1. Gerry

    Any word on when the new issue will be posted online? There is a poem is there by T. J. McGuire that I would like to share.

  2. Yvette M. Watson

    Yes, I am. I can give you my address so that you can mail it to me: 4183 Eagle Watch Way Dayton, Ohio 45424. Thanks!

  3. Frankie Fairchild-Vieu

    I am in serious need of of issue 11, I believe my sister (Christy Lynn Trotter) has a poem on page 14. I live in Georgia, so how in the world can I get a copy?


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