Artists and Authors

Bill Abbott is the author of Let Them Eat MoonPie, the history of poetry slam in the Southeast. He has been published in Ray’s Road Review, Radius, The November 3rd Club, Flypaper Magazine, and The Sow’s Ear. He lives in Ohio and teaches creative writing at Central State University.

Kathy B. Austin‘s poetry has been included in the anthology, From the Tower and two Wright Memorial Public Library anthologies. Her poems have appeared in The Writing Path I Anthology published by the University of Iowa Press, the online Poppy Road Review, and various local publications such as Mock Turtle Zine and Flights. She has been featured and interviewed on Conrad’s Corner, WYSO 91.3, and enjoys giving poetry readings in the area.

Peter A. Berwald came to Ohio from New England for an Art teaching job at Springboro High School and stayed to make a family. He has also served several successful terms as Commissioner of the Oakwood Whiffle and Ale Club.

Anna Cates is a graduate of Indiana State University (M.A. English and Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction/English) and National University (M.F.A. Creative Writing). Her first collections of poetry and fiction, The Meaning of Life and The Frog King, were published by Cyberwit Press, and her second poetry collection, The Darkroom, by Prolific Press. She lives in Ohio with her two beautiful kitties and teaches education and English
online, including graduate courses in creative writing.

Ben Fitts is a musician and writer whose stories have been featured in Bizarro Central, Bushwhacker Zine, Silent Motorist Media, The Truth Is Out There, AEA Zine and Weird Mask Zine.

Maureen Fry lives on a 150-acre organic farm/nature preserve in Champaign County. Her poetry has appeared in a number of journals. Her poem, “The Way It Is,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She retired in 2009 from a 30-year career at Wittenberg University, where she was director of the Writing Center and taught a variety of writing courses and seminars.

David Lee Garrison was named Ohio Poet of the Year in 2014 for his book, Playing Bach in the DC Metro, the title poem of which was featured by Poet Laureate Ted Kooser on his website, “American Life in Poetry,” and read on the BBC in London. His latest is Carpeing the Diem: Poems about High School (Dos Madres Press,2017).

Tom Gilliam is an IT professional and photographer. In July 2013, he created the popular Instagram account @daytongram to showcase the Dayton area. Tom is also a freelancer for and created the series, The Buildings of Dayton, in which he photographs and writes about the past, present, and future of historic buildings in the Dayton area. His work has been commissioned by Infiniti of Dayton, and featured at Yellow Cab Tavern’s Sideshow 13.

Betsy Hughes loves to write sonnets. She argues that their disciplines of meter and rhyme scheme are not constraining but liberating because of their inherent qualities of rhythm and sound. She has written two books of sonnets: Breaking Weather (NFSPS Press, 2014) and Bird Notes (Finishing Line Press, 2017). She taught English at the Miami Valley School for thirty years.

Janet E. Irvin is the author of two novels—The Dark End of the Rainbow and The Rules of the Game. Her work has appeared in a variety of print and online journals and magazines, including Flights, Nexus Literary Journal, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. Irvin loves travel, adventure, and chocolate. She and her husband live in Springboro, Ohio, on the edge of a nature park.

Herbert Woodward Martin served as professor of English and poet-in-residence at the University of Dayton for more than three decades where he taught creative writing and African-American literature. He has devoted decades to editing and giving performances of the works of the poet and novelist Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906). He has edited four books and has authored nine volumes of poetry.

Pete Mitas enjoys playing with materials and phrases to create unconventional art, poetry, and stories that surprise and amuse. Much of his work can be viewed at

Arthur A. Molitierno is a retired professor from Wright State University who enjoys playing to the dark side with a large bore euphonium and reading about the hazards of medical practice and gut-wrenching bacteria along with, of course, dark and light matter in and out of the universe.

Ashley Moor is a writer, editor, and daydreamer
originally from Dayton, Ohio, but currently digging her
heels into the teeming streets of Brooklyn, New York.
She has over five years of experience writing for print
and online publications including Elle Magazine, Rookie
Magazine, and Dayton City Paper, covering everything
from travel to culture and lifestyle.

Anne Randolph’s passion is writing in and about nature, as well as land preservation. Her work has been published in The Comstock Review, Mock Turtle Zine, Snowy Egret, Cloudbank, Willow Review and other journals. Her first chapbook, Growing in Light, was recently published by Presa Press.

Kerry Trautman‘s work has appeared previously in Mock Turtle Zine, as well as in various anthologies and journals, including Midwestern Gothic, Alimentum, Paper & Ink, and Free State Review. Her poem “Pixie Cut” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Slippery Elm. Her chapbooks are Things That Come in Boxes (King Craft Press, 2012), To Have Hoped (Finishing Line Press, 2015), and Artifacts (NightBallet Press 2017.)


Cover Art
Raw, Michie Harris

Antioch Writers’ Workshop Poetry Contest Winners
Best-in-Show What I Forgot to Say, Amy Drees
First Place, Adult Soot, Kerry Trautman
Second Place, Adult Daily, Andrew Ellis
First Place, Youth Sister, Colleen Freeze
Second Place, Youth Artists’ Block, Gemma Miller

Foreclosure, Grace Curtis
April Haiku, Rebecca Griswold
Stages of Decomposition, Colleen Freeze
Snowflake, Christy Lynne Trotter
Arizona, Late May, Grace Curtis
David’s Peggotty, Grace Curtis
Coney Island, Kerry Trautman

Ode to Father’s Day, Christy Lynne Trotter
Streams of Consciousness: Death than “Black Anger,” Patrick J. Derilus
Time for Fireflies, Beeda Speis

Principium Tempus, Nathaneal Johnson

Visual Art
Accident, Andrew Ellis
The Current Year Will Bring You Much Happiness, Jennifer McGuire


Issue 14 Table of Contents

Cover Art
Collages from The Home Project

Special Feature Section
Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley Valley (CSSMV) Refugee Resettlement Program
The Home Project: Collages and Statements

Spring Fever
the Master of Manhattan
Truck Stop Morning
Biscuits and Gravy
Fossils of Ohio
Riding to the County Line After Work

Angled View, Black and White


Issue 13 Table of Contents

Cover Art
Front: Baboon, Gary Birch
Back: Keith 3, Gary Birch

Antioch Writers’ Workshop Poetry Contest Winners
Best in Show: Freedom Train, Vanessa O’Kelley
1st Place Adult: Road to Lake Malawi, Lori Gravley
2nd Place Adult: After Flushing His First Muskrat, Cathryn Essinger
1st Place Youth: Papillae, Sarah Senne
2nd Place Youth: Aniston, Brandon Feagle

Special Feature Section: St. Vincent de Paul at Wright State University Tutoring Program
About the Program
Ja’Shaun, Grade 1
Donnell, Grade 6
Myah, Grade 6

Summer D’Ruthers, Cecile Cary
Algebra, David Lee Garrison
I Am From, Latisha Ellis
Toddler Storytime, T.J. McGuire
Little Kings, Christy Lynne Trotter
Bourbon Street Jazz, the Co-op Poetry Lab
Garden Economics, Eric Blanchard
July 4th, Carter Jordan
A Terrible Tableau, Betsy Hughes
A Land Without Secrets, Jake Sheff
Driving from San Francisco North to Marin, Kerry Trautman

Amos, Anna Cates
Numb Courage, Jaylin Paschal

Issue 12 Table of Contents

Cover Art

Untitled, Ron Rollins

Special Feature Section: Homefull

About Homefull and Photography from Homefull
Left Behind, Anonymous
Not a Victim Anymore, Michele L. Britton
Dad, Joel Benge
A Place, Anonymous
Story, Roy
Lonely, Melissa YaQueen
Jeanne, Joel Benge


Bridge Over Tranquil Waters, Bradley K Meyer
Lost Pepper, Eric Blanchard
Haunted Oak in Winter, Furaha Henry-Jones
Box, Ron Rollins
Coney Island Whitefish, David Lee Garrison
Haskell: Race War, Ed Davis
Haskell: Truth’s Tender Art, Ed Davis
November Pines, Joan Harris
Word Play, Breanna McGowan
Beekeeper, Maya Smith-Custer
Fifteen Septembers, Christy Lynne Trotter
The Roots of Evil, Eric Blanchard
Guided by Voices, T.J. McGuire
Our Mother, the Internet, Tess Brewer
Ash Trees, Ashley Bunton


Bird of Paradise, Donita S. Thompson
Dawn Reflection, Shulamit K. Adler, Ph.D.

Issue 11 Table of Contents

Cover Art

Cool Pond, Elliot Ward

Antioch Writers’ Workshop Poetry Contest Winners

Onset, Arnecia Patterson
Reading Literary Theory and Weeping, Brandon North
Lift Equation for Wilbur’s “Flight” Problem, T.J. McGuire
Bitter Old Leather, Jaylin Paschal
S(i)mile, Tucker Hauff


Summer Bycatch, Anne Randolph
Strings, Kris Cross
“Like, You Know,” Susan Iwinski
Eggs Fried by a Friend’s Father, Kerry Trautman
Where Air Grows, Rita Coleman
Ripped Off, Gina Giardina
Smoke Rings, Christy Lynne Trotter
Going Home, Aimee Noel
Gauntlet, Dayton J. Shafer
Black on Black, Kathy B. Austin
A Night in the City, Ridge C. Higgins
Strobe Light Storm, Joan Harris
Key West, Meredith Henrich
(I Swear I Mean It This Time), Megan Smith
The Circular Bar, Whitney Bell
After You Left, Maxine Skuba
Planetarium, Deborah Rocheleau
Image, Herbert Woodward Martin
Immaculate Hate, Herbert Woodward Martin


Tunnel Vision, Anonymous
Porcelina, Libby Ballengee

Issue 10 Table of Contents

Cover Art

Kade, Abby Rose Maurer

Back Cover Art

Homeless (San Diego, #1), Abby Rose Maurer


Chord Progression: B, Annah Sidigu
as He Is, Lori Gravley
the Wedding Supper, 1962, Judy Johnson
the Cottage in July, 1965, Judy Johnson
Before I Eat, Lori Gravley
Crimson Unnamed, Sarasota Green
Conscription: in Love with Antagonists, Jake Sheff
Jealousy, Hali Cobb
Where the Wind Lives, Kathy B. Austin
Singing Shirley Smith, Shannon Kallmeyer
Careless with Calendars, Gina Marie Giardina
Living in an Age of Question Marks, Wes Bishop
Nocturnal Vision, Betsy Hughes
Mine, Jaylin Paschal
Family Dollar, David Lee Garrison
Winter in the Library, David Lee Garrison
Every Other Summer, Jaida Sterling
Breathing Fitzgerald, Heather Martin
from Hell to Breakfast, T.J. McGuire
Winter Retreat, Kathy B. Austin


in His Eyes, Tomovi Keoni
an Unexpected Warmth, Rae Niehaus
Lemonade Standing, Carolyn Hunter

Photography & Visual Art

Untitled #1, Dan Landis
the Mayan Undergod, Ben Riddlebarger
Study of a Man, Heather Lea Reid
Untitled #2, Dan Landis
Woodland Door, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
into the Unknown, Jason Benning

Issue 9 Table of Contents

Antioch Writers’ Workshop Poetry Contest

Best in Show
First Trip to Cleveland, Anne Randolph

First Place, Adult Category
Mid-Life Chrysler, T.J. McGuire

First Place, Youth Category
Now, Mollie Greenberg

Second Place, Adult Category
Tenant, Kerry Trautman

Second Place, Youth Category
Blue Shivers, Shanna Harvey

Cover Art

Keep Watch, Kylie Fine


Afilador, David Lee Garrison
After My Grandmother’s Funeral, Elizabeth Cantonwine Schmidt
My Mother Suzie, Rita Coleman
The Scarf, Lori Lopez
The Professor’s Cat Explains, Ron Rollins
Not Quite Emo, Eric Blanchard
This Is What Life Does, Anne Blanchard
Up and Down, David Lee Garrison
Cave Paintings, Deborah Rocheleau
Educational Services, East Campus, Room 6, Eric Blanchard
Meditation, Joy Schwab
Germantown, Melissa Rubins
I Once Was a White Woman: in My Wonder Woman Boots, Joy Quarmiley
Battlefield, Mollie Greenberg
We Had a Blast, T.J. McGuire


Against Grandiosity, TJ Pancake
Tornado Alley: McClean, West Texas, 2006, Meredith Doench
A Farewell to My Tabs, Carol Narigon


Secrets, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
Untitled, Emma Sturm
War Fair, Lorelei Fink
Horizon Line, Gary Mitchell
Untitled, Roxana Olt

in Issue 8

Cover Art

By Design: We Pull the Trigger, James Pate and students from DECA


Shoebox, Stacey Lane


Dream Rider, Lori Lopez
Red Rocks, Joseph Downing
The Superman Theory, J.E. Tirey
One Sadistic Muse, Cyndi Pauwels


Like Bees After Blooms, Bill Vernon
Pairings Review, David Lee Garrison


“Study of Scrim veil-Black rectangle-Natural light” and the 9/11 Memorial, Wendy Dereix
The Slaughter Queue, Jake Sheff
U’n’I’n’M.d., T.J. McGuire
For Us, C. Dendy
Drop It! Elizabeth Cantonwine Schmidt
Icarus Bicycling, Herbert Woodward Martin
The Little Nun that Could, Eric Blanchard
Revising Fiction, Ed Davis
At All, Et Al, Brandon Edward North
Witness, Betsy Hughes
Summers Ago, Gary Pacernick
Michigan, Douglas Gale
After the Harleys Roared, Fred Kirchner
Finally Home, Meredith Ann Henrich
Dreams with Grandma Jane, Meredith Ann Henrich
My Daughter’s Coos, Jake Sheff
Purgatory of Lost Keys, Ed Davis

Visual Art

Downtown Girl, Shulamit H. Adler
Untitled, Hali Cobb
Mannequin, Trisha DeBrosse
Reach, Roxana Olt
Fragmented Thoughts, Nyanna Johnson
Pendulous, Rachel Rosen
Coney Island, Winter, David M. Novick
Mystic Madness, Douglas Gale
The Approach, Trisha DeBrosse

And thank you to
the Sponsors of Issue 8!

in Issue 7


How to Get to Heaven from Ohio, Eileen Klug
Two Small Town Girls, Kerry Trautman
To the Boy Who Sat Behind Me in Physics, Elizabeth Schmidt
Pillbox, Ursula M. Kremer
Trumpet, Deborah Rocheleau

Cover Art

Fox, Skull and Grapes, Chad Wells


Shoebox, Stacey Lane


Half Lit, Dayton J. Shafer


Haunted Again, Herbert Woodward Martin
Sew Dayton, Tara Pettit
Stuck, Gina Giardina
Shagging Flies, Bill Vernon


Carrot and Lotus, Kathi Kizirnis
Fire Girl, Andy Bergeron
Winter Hymn, Ron Rollins
The Sound that Will Interrupt, Paige Huskey
All of a Sudden, but Not, Eric Blanchard
Contrails, Nancy J. Little
White Fins, Mary Jo White
Morning News, Kathy Austin
A Walk Down Memory Lane, Henry Potts-Rubin
Corpus Callosotomy, Brandon Edward North
What’s the Difference Between a Cuckold and a Widower?, Jake Sheff
Shade, Ed Davis

Visual Art

Forrest’s Flower, Meredith Rowe
Hell, Heather Lea Reid
Race Ready, Alison Bour

And thank you to
the Sponsors of Issue 7!

in Issue 6


An Ubi Sunt for the Bees, Eric Blanchard
Jeanne Calment of France, Kerry Trautman
Leave-Taking, Kathy Austin
Groundwork in Persistence, Gina Giardina
Honestly, Jane Kretschmann
December, Joyce Genari
Upon Not Yet Being Diagnosed, Heather Martin
Lily, Sara Bickley
Resubmitting, Sara Bickley
When You Think of a Distant War, Noah Falck
Vigil, Nicole Rahe
Science of Wasted Motion, Marietta Ball
Do You Know Any Blues? Jane Kretschmann
Espresso’s Perfume, Chuck Von Nordheim
Red Giants, Marc Mannheimer
The Hospital Chaplain Nears the End of His Career, Len Byers
Wind Story, Elizabeth Schmidt
River Color, Chuck Von Nordheim
Advice to the Lovelorn, Mary Jo White
She Thinks I Don’t Have Any Original Ideas, Brandon Edward North
Before They Tell You It’s Over, Noah Falck
Fossils, Elizabeth Schmidt
Beware of Poet, Eric Blanchard


Last Will in Testament, Lori Lopez
Dodging the Past, Cyndi Pauwels
Glass House, Mary Jo White


Unexplored Country, Ed Davis
More Than a Massage, Tara Pettit


All That Jazz, Alison Bour
Dark Tunnel, Anna Moser

And thank you to
the Sponsors of Issue 6!