Mock Turtle Zine is a local, independent literary and arts publication supporting Miami Valley creatives. This zine is a collective effort that relies not only on contributors
for content but also on a talented group of volunteers that review, edit, format, print, and distribute the zine.

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Matthew Birdsall
Associate Editor
Fred Kirchner
Digital Editor
Robert ‘Scars’ Hernandez
Assistant Editor
Donald Weaver
Art Director
Melissa Bautista
Christina Dendy Gaspar

Copies of Issue 18 are currently available at the following locations:
Ghostlight Coffee
Dino’s Coffee
Spirited Goat Coffee House
Yellow Springs Brewery

Issue 18 is up on this site. Enjoy!

(this website is a work in progress)


Please, bear with us as we construct a new website that we hope will better serve our artists, authors and audience. Check back to view the latest in poetry, prose and visual artwork. We will be publishing submissions for each new issue in this forum, beneath the “Online Issue” tab. We will continue to post slideshows of past issues under the “Past Issues” tab.

Thank you for visiting, collaborating and supporting us!