audio readings

Listen to our authors read aloud their poems, stories, and nonfiction pieces.

from Issue 16

Three Mastiffs
by Cathryn Essinger


by Cathryn Essinger


Without Blue
by Kerry Trautman


…And I Guess I Just Don’t Know
by Kristi Weber


On the Mating Rituals of Octopi and Their Deaths Shortly Thereafter
by Jake Sheff


Sofa Saga
by Heidi Arnold

from Issue 15

Coney Island
by Kerry Trautman


by Kerry Trautman


April Haiku
by Rebecca Griswold


by Grace Curtis


David’s Peggotty
by Grace Curtis


Arizona, Late May
by Grace Curtis

by Canada Freeze

Stages of Decomposition
by Canada Freeze

from Issue 14

Truck Stop Morning
by Brennan Burk

Fossils of Ohio
by Gwen E. Owen

the Master of Manhattan
by Edward G. Boggs

by T.J. McGuire

from Issue 13

Freedom Train 1976
by Vanessa O’Kelley

Summer D’Ruthers
by Cecile Cary

After Flushing His First Muskrat
by Cathryn Essinger

Toddler Storytime
by T.J. McGuire

A Land Without Secrets
by Jake Sheff

Driving from San Francisco North to Marin
by Kerry Trautman

from Issue 11

by Deborah Rocheleau

Reading Literary Theory and Weeping
by Brandon North

by Dayton J. Shafer

Going Home Again
by Aimee Noel

Ripped Off
by Gina Giardina

Lift Equation for Wilbur Wright’s “Flight” Problem
by T.J. McGuire

Eggs Fried by a Friend’s Father
by Kerry Trautman


from Issue 10

Careless with Calendars
by Gina Giardina

Chord Progression B
by Annah Sidigu

Before I Eat
by Lori Gravley

As He Is
by Lori Gravley

in His Eyes
by Tomovi Keoni

Wedding Supper, 1962
by Judy Johnson

The Cottage in July, 1965
by Judy Johnson

Living in an Age of Question Marks
by Wes Bishop

from Hell to Breakfast
by T.J. McGuire


from Issue 9

Mid-Life Chrysler
by T.J. McGuire

We Had a Blast
by T.J. McGuire

Cave Paintings
by Deborah Rocheleau


from Issue 8

My Daughter’s Coos
by Jake Sheff

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