Arthur A. Molitierno

I am in the parking lot
I press the keyless entry
Every horn goes off
Everyone comes running
Everyone gets into my car
They come home with me
It is not crowded
In my driveway
I press the keyless garage door opener
Everyone presses theirs with me
Every garage door opens
They all close behind me
Everyone is happy that I am home
We are all the same family
There are no distant relatives
I answer the phone
It is not a telemarketer
It is my best friends
Everywhere the same conversation
The same voices
We all speak the same tongues
I communicate across continents
Everyone understands me
I ask, “How are you?”
They answer, “We are all fine”
I promise to call back
I turn on the television
Everywhere the same news broadcast
“No one died today
Details to follow
Now for our feature presentation
Without commercials”
I am on every channel
I am the silver screen
Everyone loves me
I do not need makeup
My lighting is perfect
Each side of my face is camera ready
I have no moles
My nose is not too long
Wide, pointed, or crooked
My ears are the proper width
I offend no one by being different
I am interviewed late at night
I am neither man nor woman
A particular color nor ethnic identity
I desire no particular sexual preference
Nor am I disabled
I go to everyone’s church
Am everywhere blessed
Equally from pulpit and pew
My patriotism is unquestioned
I have no credit cards
I owe no one and no one owes me
I do not need to save coupons
I show no difference of opinion
I am the same to everyone
I see who is watching me
They too are we
We are one
They and I are all we
We are all equally entitled
We vote in the same booth
I go to sleep
In my dreams
I walk with the dead
And they with me
We are not in an asylum of resentment
I awaken to my dead parents’ faces
I see them for the first time
Smiling before and as I was born
I hear their voices
I am smothered by their embraces
Their hearts pulse in my hands
Their laughter awakens me
The next day
I again wake to find
They are also dreaming of me