Cover Art
Raw, Michie Harris

Antioch Writers’ Workshop Poetry Contest Winners
Best-in-Show What I Forgot to Say, Amy Drees
First Place, Adult Soot, Kerry Trautman
Second Place, Adult Daily, Andrew Ellis
First Place, Youth Sister, Colleen Freeze
Second Place, Youth Artists’ Block, Gemma Miller

Foreclosure, Grace Curtis
April Haiku, Rebecca Griswold
Stages of Decomposition, Colleen Freeze
Snowflake, Christy Lynne Trotter
Arizona, Late May, Grace Curtis
David’s Peggotty, Grace Curtis
Coney Island, Kerry Trautman

Ode to Father’s Day, Christy Lynne Trotter
Streams of Consciousness: Death than “Black Anger,” Patrick J. Derilus
Time for Fireflies, Beeda Speis

Principium Tempus, Nathaneal Johnson

Visual Art
Accident, Andrew Ellis
The Current Year Will Bring You Much Happiness, Jennifer McGuire


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