The kids wouldn’t hear
that the water

was too cold to swim,
not when it was their first glimpse

of a suggestion
of this old ocean, not when

a hundred others flopped
soaked bodies

waves to sand
to waves. Had I been

born a hundred years ago
I would have brought parasols

to fight lacily against

July sun. But I was not, so
the boys’ shorts are soaked

thigh-high, and my daughter’s
dress waist-up. Laughter,

gulls, pop-music loudspeakers
honking cars

and these ancient waves wash the grit
of a day in the city

from our lungs
but with this decade’s ruckus.

about the author
A lifelong Ohioan, Kerry Trautman is a founder/administrator of and The Toledo Poetry Museum page on Facebook. She participates in events such as Artomatic 419, Back To Jack, and The Columbus Arts Festival, and she is a poetry editor for Red Fez. Her work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. Her chapbook To Have Hoped is available from Finishing Line Press. Her chapbook Artifacts is forthcoming from NightBallet Press in 2017.