A     B      R      A     C    A    D     A      B      R      A
is a word that conjures rabbits from a
Black top hat by some white-gloved whackjoB
in a rented tux. Yet the word for me is a
Reminder of the way things seem to disappeaR
through misdirection; how childhood was
A sleight-of-hand coin trick, sleeved without A
promise of return; or how marriage can
Close people together within a prolonged toxiC
box, a casket that is sawed in half
And never reconnected. I think of abracadabrA
when candidates use deception with verbal
Dexterity, pledging the impossible at crowdeD
rallies full of slack-jawed voters. Are we
Astonished when every pledge has failed? Is A
magician booed or politician sued for
Boondoggling us?  We know what a whackjoB
is. But every four years expect vows like
Rabbits once missing to all faithfully reappeaR
with every con who waves a wand and says
A     B      R      A     C    A    D     A      B      R      A

about the author
T. J. McGuire is the author of the forthcoming chapbook Mid-life Chrysler (Alabaster Leaves Publishing) which is set for publication in December 2016. His work was recently selected as a finalist for the Slippery Elm Prize, and he is part of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop alumni for scholarships awarded to him by Mock Turtle Zine in 2014 and 2015. Works of his can be found in Slippery Elm, Mock Turtle Zine, The AWW Collection and Flights.

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