I bundled up my words
for the winter,
wrapping them in soft,
cozy quilts.
I sent them to bed,
not at all sure they would wake
with the sun,
or if they should.

But here they come,
yawning and sleepy,
staggering down the hallway
of my mind.
They don’t bother to ask
if I’ve missed them,
and I pretend
they were never gone.

about the author
Kathy Austin is a retired graphic designer from Dayton, Ohio. Her poems have appeared in The Writing Path I anthology published by the University of Iowa Press, the online Poppy Road Review, and various local publications such as Mock Turtle Zine and Flights. She has been featured and interviewed on Conrad’s Corner, WYSO 91.3, and enjoys giving poetry readings in the area. Her poetry will be included in the upcoming anthology, From the Tower. She has received awards for poetry from the Iowa Poetry Day Association and the Paul Laurence Dunbar Memorial Competition. She describes herself as a Buddhist, half-hippie tree-hugger who enjoys biking, Dharma center activities, guiding meditation, and hiking.

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