July 4th

Carter Jordan

Hanging myself doesn’t
seem like
the way I would want
to go out,
because I get
the feeling
that death, or
whatever comes after,
will be bright
and full of color—
different from the
clouds above the
factories outside of town,
but really,
more like the sky on a
freeze-your-nose-off cold day
when the moisture
in the air
has been all but
drained, tapped
by the suffocating
grasses trying
to hang on
to the minutes of
sunlight that punch
through sheets
of melting snow
but I mean,
talk about grandeur,
sparks that light
up the growingly
dull background
of your eyelids
like fireworks
that shoot
into the heights
of your vision,
and you
if it’s July 4th.

about the author
Carter Jordan is a poet/songwriter from the Dayton area. During his senior year at the Dayton Regional STEM School, Carter had the opportunity to workshop with several teachers and students. After an activity that constrained his poems to containing only words containing eight letters or less, Carter’s style changed to be more simple, with a more powerful focus on imagery. Being passionate about poetry and the arts has spurred him to learn and develop his skills in photography, drawing, and collage.