Garden Economics

Eric Blanchard

The beautiful landscape as we know it
belongs to those who are like it.
—Muso Soseki

Capitalism is     a beautiful weed.
It grows most striking without constraint
and prospers     for a while
in fertile soil,
until it chokes
on coiled roots and unrestrained vines,
laissez faire foliage.

A mindful gardener
prunes flora     held so fair
with care,
with incisiveness,
lest compelled to axe
and spade.

Don’t go all     Edward Scissorhands,
but snip, snip,
manipulate,    cultivate.

Capitalism is a     beautiful weed,
a living, growing thing,
not a delicate thing.

Trim, tend, cultivate
axe, spade.

about the author
Eric Blanchard grew up in Houston, Texas. His poetry has been published in numerous literary journals and reviews, both online and in hard copy, including Autumn Sky Poetry, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Pudding Magazine, Amarillo Bay, and Poetry Quarterly. Eric currently resides and writes in Kettering, Ohio.