Bourbon Street Jazz

the Co-op Poetry Lab*

Cigars and luscious skin.
The swing of strings
and full hips.

Beads of sweat drip,

Pulsating up my spine,
the beat owns me—

take me,
I’m yours.

Cinnamon glow
sears my soul, takes my body,
to unknown levels of joy.
Pure, unrelenting, soulful joy!

That bass. That sax
Those brown eyes.
The smooth sound.
This oak-aged whisky,
weave together in dusky Titian symmetry.

The sultry sax and silky-eyed blonde—
I call this sanctuary.
I call this


*The following members of the Co-op Poetry Lab contributed to this poem: Hannah Burns, Chris Geschwindner, JoAnna Lloyd, Dave Lundy, Chris Nelson, Christopher Rowley, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz.

about the Co-Cop Poetry Lab
The Co-op Poetry Lab is a Dayton-based online poetry collective that creates poems, cooperatively, with people all over the world.