Brandon Feagle

I shall outlive this powerful rhyme
but lose my luster to muster my cartographic bluster throughout this unruptured eon
like old clockwork picking up grime whose ticking loses its time
whose life resembles the great preamble of the holy Greek Theoamble
my rusted heart still functionally beating
with a pace in mechanical peace.
My petroleum clogged lungs still reluctantly breathing
despite black blood from the earth beneath my feet rushing in
like an unaltered calculated release.
My enduring mind forever encrypted and leading
like an impeccable analytical engine centerpiece.
When the cool unforgiving metal
of my distasteful fists rests
upon my copper breast
and I shiver,
I wonder if this is what
my heart feels like underneath this bitter sinner
whose life resembles that of a winner?
For when frenetic battles lay waste to my metallic artistry
not an acute malfunction nor a devious device
shall wipe such a record from my preeminent memory.
Because man and machine can’t stand
the elites’ need of slave labor to build skyscrapers
whose mental mechanics adjusting my brain,
grease up my motor, tightening my chain.
When running all my life at the rate of steam power per hour to determine the success and
efficiency to that of the modulus of elasticity of the mind’s eye’s fully functioning pulley
does not interest me.
Although time may pass for some prevailing vogues
I will continually be dabbling in time-traveling
until grinding cogs, the enmity of deadly rogues,
and the unrelentless looking
stops me.
For I will live the obsession of my passion and longing
for an eternity.
Because this isn’t depression, it’s simply expression
awaiting its fate market resale rate
and my mind’s panels obscure my obscene circuitry
intercommunicating my tale so that it will atone and regale,
by the wise men of the old pale veil.
“The Story of the Victorian Automaton”
an unlikely phenomenon of
the mechanical gentleman’s

Antioch Writers’ Workshop 2nd Place Youth Winner

about the author
Brandon Feagle is an artist who has produced pieces of art for nearly 5 years. During Brandon’s senior year, he produced many pieces of work. After graduating, he plans to attend Bowling Green University and major in Architecture.