Issue 12 Table of Contents

Cover Art

Untitled, Ron Rollins

Special Feature Section: Homefull

About Homefull and Photography from Homefull
Left Behind, Anonymous
Not a Victim Anymore, Michele L. Britton
Dad, Joel Benge
A Place, Anonymous
Story, Roy
Lonely, Melissa YaQueen
Jeanne, Joel Benge


Bridge Over Tranquil Waters, Bradley K Meyer
Lost Pepper, Eric Blanchard
Haunted Oak in Winter, Furaha Henry-Jones
Box, Ron Rollins
Coney Island Whitefish, David Lee Garrison
Haskell: Race War, Ed Davis
Haskell: Truth’s Tender Art, Ed Davis
November Pines, Joan Harris
Word Play, Breanna McGowan
Beekeeper, Maya Smith-Custer
Fifteen Septembers, Christy Lynne Trotter
The Roots of Evil, Eric Blanchard
Guided by Voices, T.J. McGuire
Our Mother, the Internet, Tess Brewer
Ash Trees, Ashley Bunton


Bird of Paradise, Donita S. Thompson
Dawn Reflection, Shulamit K. Adler, Ph.D.