Thank God For Homefull. Please do not be disturbed. My name is “had it all to nothing at all Roy.” As I share my story of how I became homeless, don’t feel sorry for me. Just be careful yourself, ‘cause choices can make you. They can also break you in an instant.

I had a rough start with both of my parents dying in 1996. I was raised by aunties and uncles with my siblings until I was 16 years old. My brother and I were homeless at that time, so I put my pride in my back pocket and asked an older lady we knew if we could stay with her. We ended up staying there for a long time, until my brother enlisted in the Navy and I went out on my own. There were hard times from teen to adulthood, but for the most part, it was a nice life. Back then, I made my own way.

Picture a fine young man with a good paying job, four beautiful kids, and a beautiful dime piece live-in baby mother. Two nice homes, four bedrooms and two bedrooms, two cars. Yea, what I’m saying is, “Here today, gone tomorrow.” But fear not, when you make God your stronghold in a time of trouble, no one can overcome you.

For me, it happened in 2006. Everything went wrong. Family members were dying, it seemed like every week. I lost my job at General Motors after being there 14 years, since 1992. I had lived my life, handled my business, my kids were grown and in school, but I was catching hell. Before long, my house was gone, my car was gone, and I was out here on my own. I tried staying with friends, but ended up surrounded by people smoking, drinking and getting high.

I headed downtown and went to The Other Place (now Homefull). After two months, I was back in a place of my own. When things went bad three years after that, I ended up back at the shelter on Gettysburg. It took eight months of working with the Homefull staff to get my life right, and I got back into an apartment. My life still is not right, but the Lord is working on me.

Thanks to Homefull and their terrific staff, I’m housed at River Commons.

Thank you, Homefull.

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The author wishes only to be known as Roy.