Special Feature Section: Homefull

This issue features a special selection of submissions, contributed by clients of Homefull.

About Homefull

Homefull has a bold vision of “a community where there is no homelessness” and a mission “to work to end homelessness by providing housing, services, advocacy, and education.”

Homefull provides prevention services and resources to clients in the community who are at risk of losing their current housing; assessment and case management to individuals and families who have entered the homeless shelter system; and on-going, follow-up assistance to clients who move from shelter into their own housing. Homefull also offers workforce development through Homefull Solutions, and training and technical assistance through Homefull Innovations.

How to Help

Originally called “The Other Place,” Homefull has served the Dayton community for nearly 30 years. Visit Homefull at www.homefull.org to learn more about the organization, its programs, and ways to help.

Homefull especially needs household supplies to stock “starter kits” for clients moving into their own housing, furniture and appliances, bus passes, and gas and grocery gift cards.

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