Not a Victim Anymore

I object to the idea that I am nothing.

I resent the thought that I am just an object to be used any way you please. I refuse to stand by and let you treat me as if I am the ground you walk on.

And I declare, that you won’t walk on me again.

I will not be deceived by your flattery, and I will not give way to your advances. You will find that I am more than what you see when I loosen the hold you have on me. I will listen to your idle talk no further and rise above what you expect of me. I will admonish the fear of rejection that has tormented me and see that I am worth far more than what you have offered me.

Because I am fragile, you have broken me, but I shall be mended.

I will take back the heart that you stole from me and give it all to the ONE, who made it. You may have had a hold on me, but I am stronger now, and you have to let me go. You may have caused me to suffer but in the end it is you who will suffer the greater, because you will remember me. You have left my heart vacant and empty because of all you took from me but it shall once again be filled.

I will remove myself from your crippling grip and claim victory over you.

I will hold my head up high from this day forward.

I shall not be a victim anymore.

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Michele L. Britton says she’s just a simple Christian gal who loves to share and write about her Jesus, and is trying to make it on this journey called life!