Perched upon
high on a hill
surrounded by nothing
with drops of sorrow dripping through the veins
bleeding self blame
drifting in and out of consciousness
dying alone as the last breaths slowly go heading
into shallooooooooooooow
engulfing the emptiness
fighting to not drift into unknowing
scared standing on the mind cliff looking out to no where
no signs of any other life
as the heart starts to feel cold
darkness becoming bigger almost blinding
thoughts of wanting to live but not feel the pain
so it feels right to drift towards the darkness
warm and weak light as a feather
ramblings of insanity running through like memories
feeling crazy the closer I get to the light gone dark
thinking briefly will the world care that it has lost another soul
dying all alone?

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about the author
Melissa YaQeen’s inspiration for this piece was from watching those that suffer from depression spiral to and fro and lose more of themselves each time.