Summer Bycatch

Each day flings out its fishing net
of hours. The blue indigo bunting
sips at the bird bath. His couplets
of rhyme sing over the meadow,
where plains coreopsis self sows
yellow and maroon waving in the wind.

Later, a freckled fawn rests in shade
across from a pool. He licks drips of water
from a filter hose, sniffs the air, rises, then
ambles cautiously closer to my chair. The wild,
scared look in his eyes as he nimbly passes by—
bones protruding under his coat—
the munching sound he makes chewing
leaves. I am still as a statue, barely
breathing. We stare at each other
as if in a trance, neither willing
to let go.

about the author
Anne Randolph’s poems have been published in the journals Plainsongs, The Storyteller, Mad Poet’s Review, The Chaffin Journal, Willow Review and Mock Turtle Zine. Last year, one of her poems won “Best of Show” in the Antioch Writers’ Workshop contest.