Strobe Light Storm

A gray horizon met my sleepy eyes
as I let the dog out
smells like rain, I thought

She was back in a minute
the sky had grown three shades darker
angry clouds pushing and shoving in the wind

The other dog demanded his turn
the atmosphere now roiling, the air electric
he hesitated, then made his move

Hovering in mid-squat when the rain came
no warning sprinkles
a vertical deluge, like a beaded curtain

He hastily concluded his business
eschewing my towel and shaking water
everywhere before tucking himself back into bed

I gave him a pat and went to put on the kettle
The storm had passed, the day brightened before me

Spring in Ohio, I thought. And smiled.

about the author
Joan Harris lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio, with her husband, two dogs and cat. Recently, she retired after 24 years of nursing in the Air Force and civil service at Wright-Patterson. Currently, she is taking courses in creative writing and poetry, and is excited to be attending the Antioch Writers’ Workshop this summer.