Smoke Rings

The sun sets the deepest shade of orange
I’ve ever seen, a shade that captivates the sky
and swallows the clouds—lighting my soul
for yet another spell of darkness

I surrender my fear and wait,
watching for him to come through the door

I know my time is near

Crowded addictions and sins beyond life
have stolen what pride I have left

A wicked wind stirs from the north,
and like an old native myth goes,
death is approaching in the twirling whispers

Echoing from the trees, I can see my time end
in the glossy reflection of my devious eyes

Escape artist I’ve been before, missing death,
and yet, here I am one final time, waiting to see
who will blink first

His arms coil around me
as memories of the good life I never had
flash across my mind in pixel format, Kodak color

I light my final cigarette
and stand bravely in the smoke rings

I look for an exit

but instead
I can only shake his oily hand
as introductions are made.

about the author
Christy Lynne Trotter resides in Huber Heights, and has a master’s degree in creative writing from Antioch. She teaches English as an adjunct at Clark State. Last year, she placed first in the adult category in a Dayton Daily News’ short story contest for her piece “Gramma’s Wringer Warsher.” She also placed first in the adult category of the Dayton Metro Library’s poetry contest for “Champa Romance.” Having a journalism and fiction background, she strives to improve her poetry writing because she finds taking personal things and transforming them into words in such a short amount of space in a way to which others relate to be not only challenging but also rewarding.