Antioch Writers’ Workshop Poetry Contest
Best in Show

Nothing happens now.

Youthful and pretty float in a mirage
behind me, playing messages
softly under lace.

Fear outlines my turned-in feet
where I stand for all
or nothing that is left.

Alone stands next to me
in the Metro murmuring French
on a breeze from a train.
I stare into moving.

Dust bunnies litter my sweater.
Leftover warmth follows me on errands.
I walk on broken legs from antique chairs
to the marketplace after dark.

about the author
Over the course of her lifetime, Arnecia Patterson has moved back and forth between dabbling in and studying poetry–its reading, making, and understanding. She grew up in Cincinnati, and came to Dayton to attend college many years ago. Now, she has spent her entire adult life in Dayton, working and living while reading and writing.

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