Issue 11 Table of Contents

Cover Art

Cool Pond, Elliot Ward

Antioch Writers’ Workshop Poetry Contest Winners

Onset, Arnecia Patterson
Reading Literary Theory and Weeping, Brandon North
Lift Equation for Wilbur’s “Flight” Problem, T.J. McGuire
Bitter Old Leather, Jaylin Paschal
S(i)mile, Tucker Hauff


Summer Bycatch, Anne Randolph
Strings, Kris Cross
“Like, You Know,” Susan Iwinski
Eggs Fried by a Friend’s Father, Kerry Trautman
Where Air Grows, Rita Coleman
Ripped Off, Gina Giardina
Smoke Rings, Christy Lynne Trotter
Going Home, Aimee Noel
Gauntlet, Dayton J. Shafer
Black on Black, Kathy B. Austin
A Night in the City, Ridge C. Higgins
Strobe Light Storm, Joan Harris
Key West, Meredith Henrich
(I Swear I Mean It This Time), Megan Smith
The Circular Bar, Whitney Bell
After You Left, Maxine Skuba
Planetarium, Deborah Rocheleau
Image, Herbert Woodward Martin
Immaculate Hate, Herbert Woodward Martin


Tunnel Vision, Anonymous
Porcelina, Libby Ballengee