Going Home

There is a white-collar cost to remaining
true blue. Outsider status comes with a degree.
You can go home again but there is an overly polite

emphasis on plans to accommodate and I know
I haven’t forgotten how to drive in the snow, but
I am offered the 4×4 like a visitor and my vinaigrette’s

fancy which is to say snobby, and a bit salty, which is to say
salty—not surprising because I am Lot’s wife, nameless
and a warning for those who think they are better: if you are

willing to leave the others behind to burn,
you don’t deserve a return engagement.

about the author
Aimee Noel lives in Dayton, and works as an educator. She tends toward working class poetry, and has been published in journals such as Great Lakes Review,The Greening Review and Slippery Elm, and has been featured on WYSO’s Conrad’s Corner. Proudly, she has volunteered her time for VIDA’s 2014 Count, won OPA’s 2014 William Redding Poetry Prize, and can eat her weight in pierogi.