Black on Black

Late summer
and I pass black crows
on a black tree branch,
which you might think

depressing, speaking of death,
but these crows are not silent
like death, but raucous,
hopping, flapping, turning

this way and that, as if
in great debate or perhaps even
celebration, or
laughing at the joke.

Later that night,
afternoon crows
still nestle in my brain.

about the author
Kathy B. Austin describes herself as a Buddhist who focuses on both linear and spiritual connectedness. She leads meditations at the Dharma Center of Dayton, and enjoys art collage, talking to crows, and listening to the words of trees. Her poems have been published in numerous journals including Poppy Road Review, Flights, and Mock Turtle Zine, and have also been read on Conrad’s Corner, WYSO 91.3 in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and at local gatherings.