Immaculate Hate

Silence has a Sunday face
that serves segregated water
from a white fountain
attended to by a black hand
and a colored ill-kept fountain
were the water is dispensed with
chemicals of truth that will rage
and assault each other in the
blood stream, not knowing
whether the drinker is
conscious or unconscious
brave or careless.
Truth is, when the store is
abandoned to the darkness,
all lips are similar vessels;
water does not speculate
we are poisoned with
the same irony.

about the author
Herbert Woodward Martin will be on the staff for The Antioch Writer’s Workshop teaching the poetry session. He has poems scheduled to appear in The Seneca Review, Plainsongs, Common Threads, and Found Poems. Recently, he narrated Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait with The Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra. His latest volume of poetry is titled On The Flyleaf, from Bottom Dog Press.

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