(I Swear I Mean It This Time)

It’s snowing and
the air smells like snowflakes
and innocence and the sky is clear
and the stars are pinpricks of hope
in a midnight sea of contentment

and for the first time
(I swear I mean it this time)
I feel alive.

I know I am made of meltdowns
and epiphanies the way most people
are made of carbon and oxygen,
and I know that I will say the same thing in a month,
and I know that all of human existence,
let alone human emotion,
is barely a blink in the eye of the universe,

but in this moment, it’s snowing
and it smells like innocence
and I feel alive.

about the author
Megan Smith is a college junior at Ohio University, a Disney enthusiast, an introverted leader, a morbid daydreamer, an ice cream addict, the world’s worst cover hog, and a writer.