Living in an Age of Question Marks

Winds shift while a ship on a sea of sand sails without compass.
“Where are the rules?” ask the readers kept down below,
away from the helmsman. “Where are the guides?”
The helmsman pays no attention.
She steers the ship from sand to stars, from sanctuary to ambiguity,
skimming over periods, cutting through exclamation points.
Islands of question marks abound, as passengers beg questions
on sun-dried lips. Those with legs accustomed to doubt
whistle a happy tune, while the certainty lovers
vomit through portholes and over rails.
“Where are we going?” they plead. From below, in the hold,
their cries are drowned by stellar winds

and the roar of the unknown.

about the author
Wes Bishop is a PhD student in American History at Purdue University. Before that, he taught with Project Read AmeriCorps in the greater Dayton area. He now lives with his wife Allison in West Lafayette, Indiana.