Stripped of my intelligence,
I feel inferior.
You are the cause
but I am to blame.
You have indirectly changed
my sense of being.
We are now in competition,
though you don’t know it.
Every A you get in Calculus,
I must get one of my own.
Even one point higher
on a test is a victory.
I must have more friends,
and I have to be liked
by every teacher
that likes you.
I try to be covert
in these operations.
I pretend that
none of this matters.
You’ll never know
just how much it all means
to me.
They say, “Keep your friends close
and keep your enemies closer.”

That must be why
you’re my best friend.

about the author
Hali Cobb is a Stivers student from Dayton, Ohio. She enjoys writing fiction and fantasy stories. She also loves photography. She is in the Creative Writing magnet at Stivers.

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