Issue 10 Table of Contents

Cover Art

Kade, Abby Rose Maurer

Back Cover Art

Homeless (San Diego, #1), Abby Rose Maurer


Chord Progression: B, Annah Sidigu
as He Is, Lori Gravley
the Wedding Supper, 1962, Judy Johnson
the Cottage in July, 1965, Judy Johnson
Before I Eat, Lori Gravley
Crimson Unnamed, Sarasota Green
Conscription: in Love with Antagonists, Jake Sheff
Jealousy, Hali Cobb
Where the Wind Lives, Kathy B. Austin
Singing Shirley Smith, Shannon Kallmeyer
Careless with Calendars, Gina Marie Giardina
Living in an Age of Question Marks, Wes Bishop
Nocturnal Vision, Betsy Hughes
Mine, Jaylin Paschal
Family Dollar, David Lee Garrison
Winter in the Library, David Lee Garrison
Every Other Summer, Jaida Sterling
Breathing Fitzgerald, Heather Martin
from Hell to Breakfast, T.J. McGuire
Winter Retreat, Kathy B. Austin


in His Eyes, Tomovi Keoni
an Unexpected Warmth, Rae Niehaus
Lemonade Standing, Carolyn Hunter

Photography & Visual Art

Untitled #1, Dan Landis
the Mayan Undergod, Ben Riddlebarger
Study of a Man, Heather Lea Reid
Untitled #2, Dan Landis
Woodland Door, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
into the Unknown, Jason Benning