Family Dollar

Father and daughter distribute leaflets
that scream, in red and black,
“Where will you spend eternity?”

On one page, the devil brandishes
his pitchfork at sinners; on the next,
clouds pillow the righteous.

The girl, barely old enough to read,
runs through the store, beaming
as she hands out heaven.

about the author
David Lee Garrison started writing poetry as a sophomore in high school as a way of dealing with adolescent lust and angst. He hasn’t gotten over those feelings, and still writes poems about high school, even though he will be attending his fiftieth reunion in 2013. “My main goal as a poet is to communicate, so my poems are not hard to understand with a first reading. In all of them, however, I try to achieve a depth that invites a second or third reading as well.” David’s book of poems Playing Bach in the DC Metro is now available from Browser Books Publishing.