Issue 9 Table of Contents

Antioch Writers’ Workshop Poetry Contest

Best in Show
First Trip to Cleveland, Anne Randolph

First Place, Adult Category
Mid-Life Chrysler, T.J. McGuire

First Place, Youth Category
Now, Mollie Greenberg

Second Place, Adult Category
Tenant, Kerry Trautman

Second Place, Youth Category
Blue Shivers, Shanna Harvey

Cover Art

Keep Watch, Kylie Fine


Afilador, David Lee Garrison
After My Grandmother’s Funeral, Elizabeth Cantonwine Schmidt
My Mother Suzie, Rita Coleman
The Scarf, Lori Lopez
The Professor’s Cat Explains, Ron Rollins
Not Quite Emo, Eric Blanchard
This Is What Life Does, Anne Blanchard
Up and Down, David Lee Garrison
Cave Paintings, Deborah Rocheleau
Educational Services, East Campus, Room 6, Eric Blanchard
Meditation, Joy Schwab
Germantown, Melissa Rubins
I Once Was a White Woman: in My Wonder Woman Boots, Joy Quarmiley
Battlefield, Mollie Greenberg
We Had a Blast, T.J. McGuire


Against Grandiosity, TJ Pancake
Tornado Alley: McClean, West Texas, 2006, Meredith Doench
A Farewell to My Tabs, Carol Narigon


Secrets, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
Untitled, Emma Sturm
War Fair, Lorelei Fink
Horizon Line, Gary Mitchell
Untitled, Roxana Olt