Blue Shivers

Purple caffeine pumps through my engraved veins
A sweet relief to aching bones
It’s better to have shaky hands than shaky thoughts
Purple is my friend.

Yellow reality drops through the holes in my mind
A cold remedy for the pain
It’s a long way home but it’ll help on the journey back
Yellow is my friend.

Red lines shoot through my once innocent tired eyes
A sudden rush to clouded senses
But there are worse things hiding behind the curtains
Red is my friend.

Green epiphanies spread through my fingers and toes
A sharp sensation and it’s gone
Gone away with no trace, taking its baggage with it
Green is my friend.

Orange horizons set through my trains of thought
A burst of reality joins them
Contrasting night from day in a sad, sad way
Orange is my friend.

Blue shivers trickle through my worn ribcage
A large symphony of regrets
Blurring the lines between right and wrong
Blue is not my friend.

Second Place, Youth Category
Antioch Writers’ Workshop Poetry Contest

Shanna Harvey is a freshman in the creative writing magnet at Stivers School for the Arts.