The Little Nun that Could

The Little Nun that Could
Eric Blanchard

for Jill

When lift plus thrust is greater than
load plus drag, anything can fly.

There is a moment when
the wind drifts at just the right
angle, rustling leaves, teasing
my habit. I have just the right
song in my heart, producing
lift. The aerodynamics of the
soul are unknown, the purity
of my body, the naivety of my
mind. Nothing tells me I can
not fly, so I try.

about the author
Eric Blanchard’s poetry has been published in numerous literary journals and reviews, both on-line and in print, including Autumn Sky Poetry, Rust and Moth, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Pudding Magazine, Amarillo Bay, Turbulence, and Poetry Quarterly. He currently resides in Dayton, Ohio with his beautiful girlfriend, her young son, three dogs, and two tiny fish.