“Study of Scrim veil—Black rectangle—Natural light” and the 9/11 Memorial

“Study of Scrim veil—Black rectangle—Natural light” and the 9/11 Memorial
Wendy Dereix

(An exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art by Robert Irwin)

A scrim veil hangs from a ceiling coupled with shapes that look like giant waffles—
squares within squares
housed within rectangles
within one giant rectangle.

Light from a window bleeds in and blends with the scrim veil creating shadows
that render the room a silent sketch of human silhouettes walking under—
squares within rectangles
housed within lines
of black and white/dark and light.

By an architect’s measure, the scrim veil hangs midway to the floor, held taut by a black beam merging with black lines on the walls. Parallel and perpendicular, the lines seem to—
float and bounce
disorient and deceive
the conscious and the subconscious.

In a new perception of reality, the scrim veil makes stationary lines move and at forty degrees latitude, an invisible line connects this space to an acre of footprints where—
the light has been wrung and compressed
two holes laid bare
in perfect geometric form—

Those squares within squares
reduced to lines within angles,
etched with the names

that bind space to infinity

about the author
Wendy Dereix is a sometime poet always struggling to put “the best words in their best order,” and is happy when she sometimes succeeds. Thank you, Mock Turtle Zine, I’m delighted to be part of this issue.