in Issue 8

Cover Art

By Design: We Pull the Trigger, James Pate and students from DECA


Shoebox, Stacey Lane


Dream Rider, Lori Lopez
Red Rocks, Joseph Downing
The Superman Theory, J.E. Tirey
One Sadistic Muse, Cyndi Pauwels


Like Bees After Blooms, Bill Vernon
Pairings Review, David Lee Garrison


“Study of Scrim veil-Black rectangle-Natural light” and the 9/11 Memorial, Wendy Dereix
The Slaughter Queue, Jake Sheff
U’n’I’n’M.d., T.J. McGuire
For Us, C. Dendy
Drop It! Elizabeth Cantonwine Schmidt
Icarus Bicycling, Herbert Woodward Martin
The Little Nun that Could, Eric Blanchard
Revising Fiction, Ed Davis
At All, Et Al, Brandon Edward North
Witness, Betsy Hughes
Summers Ago, Gary Pacernick
Michigan, Douglas Gale
After the Harleys Roared, Fred Kirchner
Finally Home, Meredith Ann Henrich
Dreams with Grandma Jane, Meredith Ann Henrich
My Daughter’s Coos, Jake Sheff
Purgatory of Lost Keys, Ed Davis

Visual Art

Downtown Girl, Shulamit H. Adler
Untitled, Hali Cobb
Mannequin, Trisha DeBrosse
Reach, Roxana Olt
Fragmented Thoughts, Nyanna Johnson
Pendulous, Rachel Rosen
Coney Island, Winter, David M. Novick
Mystic Madness, Douglas Gale
The Approach, Trisha DeBrosse

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