Betsy Hughes

More, Oklahoma, 2013

I saw a horse uplifted, briefly fly,
Its moving hooves no longer touching ground
But pawing air, then terror in its eye
Impaled upon a fence as it was downed.
I heard a house confront tornado force,
Complain and groan, collapsing in the yard;
Pried open, twisted—there was no recourse—
Each pane of window shattered into shard.
I felt the helpless heartbeat of the school,
Where backpacks still hung safely in the hall
While students learned how Nature could be cruel
And children’s dreams were crushed beneath the wall.
Still haunted by these images of hell,
I must witness and live on to tell.

about the author
Betsy Hughes first developed her passion for poetry as an undergraduate at Vassar College and as a graduate student at the University of Dayton. Betsy belongs to the Wright Library Poets and to the Poetry Circle of Dayton.