Shoebox: A Short Play

Shoebox: A Short Play
Stacey Lane

The stage is bare except for an open shoebox center in a pool of light. The actors, there may be as few as two or as many as twenty, stand in a line behind the box. Each steps forward into the light, reads a greeting card, and then drops it into the box and returns to the back of the procession.

ACTOR: There is no gift more precious than the gift of new life. Welcome to the world, baby girl!

ACTOR: Ice cream and lollipops and candy kisses too. And a special birthday wish for a girl as sweet as you.

ACTOR: May you dream big and then make those dreams come true. Happy Graduation.

ACTOR: Make this birthday alcohol free … Get your friends to pay!

ACTOR: A word of advice to the college graduate … Grab your diploma, before they realize their mistake.

ACTOR: Congratulations on your new job!

ACTOR: You’re engaged!? Many cheers to many years!

ACTOR: On your wedding day, remember to always cherish each other and not let a single moment pass you by. May God bless you on your new journey together.

ACTOR: May happiness be at your door. May it knock early, stay late, and leave the gift of good fortune behind. Best wishes in your new home.

ACTOR: He has arrived. It’s love at first sight. He will bring you constant delight. You never knew there could be such joy. Congratulations on your baby boy!

ACTOR: What do you mean you didn’t get a birthday card from me? At your age, I’m surprised you even remember who I am. Happy belated.

ACTOR: With a mom as great as you, every day should be Mother’s Day!

ACTOR: Happy Boss’s Day! We don’t know what we’d do without you.

ACTOR: And the World’s Greatest Grandma Award goes to … Drum roll please … You! Happy Grandparents’ Day!

ACTOR: Seize the day and celebrate! Happy Birthday!

ACTOR: Now it’s your job to sit back, relax, and enjoy this new chapter in your life. Congratulations on your retirement.

ACTOR: Your love has stood the test of time and is an inspiration to us all. May it blossom for many more years to come. Happy Anniversary.

ACTOR: Get well soon.

ACTOR: With deepest sympathy and heartfelt prayers. May your treasured memories comfort you in this time of loss.

The final actor closes the lid to the box and all exit, leaving the shoebox, as the pool of light gets smaller and smaller and darkness sets in.

about the author
Stacey Lane’s scripts are published by Mock Turtle Zine, Dramatic Publishing, Eldridge, Playscripts Inc., Pioneer, Smith and Kraus, Heuer, Brookyln Publishers, Next Stage Press, Manhattan Theatre Source, JAC Publishing, Sterling, Freshwater, Poydras Review, The Quotable, San Luis Obispo Little Theatre, Indian Ink, Canyon Voices, Steel Bananas and Scene4. Her plays have been seen at more than three hundred theatres from coast to coast in the U.S., as well as in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and Venezuela. She is the recipient of the Montgomery County Arts & Cultural District’s Literary Artist Fellowship, the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Residency Grant, a nominee for “Outstanding Playwriting for a New Script of a Play” at the NY Midtown International Theatre Festival and winner of the American Alliance for Theatre & Education Play Project. Lane produces SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day Dayton.