My Daughter’s Coos

My Daughter’s Coos
Jake Sheff

The élan and diphthongs – aria, aurora, of blood-tinged honey – ring
round my heart, saturnian.

The contrail of my impulse foretells: arms sweeping, vampire-speed; clutching
the babe to my chest;

areolas of contact, the skin back into milk melting; enmeshing
to the point of immersion;

I reach out as the desperate moon from the Earth first broken, screaming
in a black vacuum pleas.

about the author
Jake Sheff is a captain in the USAF currently training as a pediatrics resident physician. He’s married with a baby daughter and several rescue pets. His poems have been published widely online and in print, including at Pirene’s Fountain and Danse Macabre. His first chapbook, Looting Versailles, was recently released by Alabaster Leaves Publishing, and can be purchased on the publisher’s website or