Finally Home

Finally Home
Meredith Ann Henrich

Knowing it will be his last journey,
the old bird takes flight.

Like red, spawning salmon
his desire to return home is strong.

Summer’s sweet breath
lifts his tattered right wing.

From the clouds emerge
rows of knee-high green cornstalks,

Black and white Holsteins
grazing on clover,

And the old, red tractor
faded orange by the beating sun.

In the garden, a lonely old woman
picks ripe yellow tomatoes.

Her head rises to the sound of
the Border collie’s loyal bark.

Swooping down, the old bird
takes his perch atop the milk-house.

Cawing loudly, he announces his homecoming.

about the author
Meredith loves wine, National Parks and unleashing her inner cowgirl. Her poetry has been read on WYSO’s Conrad’s Corner, and has also found its way into Mock Turtle Zine.