Morning News

Morning News
Kathy Austin

I note
how the sun plays
upon the old clay planter
resting on the wooden seats
of the backyard porch
as I shuffle outside
in my loose, blue slippers
to gather up the morning news.

The headlines are not
what I really want to know —
I read them out of habit
and a wish to slurp cereal
with more than just myself
and some annoying blue jay
creating havoc in the yard,
though sometimes I think
that I would be better company
than famine
or drought.

about the author
I have been writing poetry ever since I could put words together, and was later inspired by poets such as Emily Dickinson, Mark Strand, and Margaret Atwood. I especially enjoy writing poems about nature, relationships, journeys, and spirituality. I believe that poetry is crucial to our humanity. It gives us a voice, a different perspective on the world, and an appreciation for the beauty and power of words. At this time in history, that is especially important. I have received awards for poetry from the Iowa Poetry Day Association and the Paul Laurence Dunbar Memorial Competition. My poems have appeared in The Writing Path I anthology, Nexus magazine, and various local publications.