in Issue 7


How to Get to Heaven from Ohio, Eileen Klug
Two Small Town Girls, Kerry Trautman
To the Boy Who Sat Behind Me in Physics, Elizabeth Schmidt
Pillbox, Ursula M. Kremer
Trumpet, Deborah Rocheleau

Cover Art

Fox, Skull and Grapes, Chad Wells


Shoebox, Stacey Lane


Half Lit, Dayton J. Shafer


Haunted Again, Herbert Woodward Martin
Sew Dayton, Tara Pettit
Stuck, Gina Giardina
Shagging Flies, Bill Vernon


Carrot and Lotus, Kathi Kizirnis
Fire Girl, Andy Bergeron
Winter Hymn, Ron Rollins
The Sound that Will Interrupt, Paige Huskey
All of a Sudden, but Not, Eric Blanchard
Contrails, Nancy J. Little
White Fins, Mary Jo White
Morning News, Kathy Austin
A Walk Down Memory Lane, Henry Potts-Rubin
Corpus Callosotomy, Brandon Edward North
What’s the Difference Between a Cuckold and a Widower?, Jake Sheff
Shade, Ed Davis

Visual Art

Forrest’s Flower, Meredith Rowe
Hell, Heather Lea Reid
Race Ready, Alison Bour

And thank you to
the Sponsors of Issue 7!

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