All of a Sudden, but Not

All of a Sudden, but Not
Eric Blanchard

The flat tire was a surprise (in a way),
since I thought it was merely low. Of course,
the screw sticking out between the treads
explained it.
But it was the windshield
that shocked me. Not only one crack, but two
or three (actually, it’s three) cracks weaving
their way from one edge to another.
“Yes, it’s still safe,” I told you
when I saw the worry in your eyes.
But what did I know? It was only today
that I looked closely at it from the outside.
The upper corner is smashed as if
someone took a brick to it or a baseball bat,
even the trim damaged. And you reminded me
of the day the storm came and stones rained down
as we passed under the railway tracks.
That is when it dawned on me: I should
be paying closer attention to things.

about the author
Eric Blanchard grew up in Houston, Texas. He earned degrees in philosophy (B.A.) and
jurisprudence (J.D.). Eric has practiced law, written appellate briefs, been editor-in-chief
of an international trade law journal, and worked for a state representative in the Texas

Eric’s poetry has been published in numerous literary journals and reviews, both on-line
and in print, including Autumn Sky Poetry, Rust and Moth, Borderlands: Texas Poetry
Review, Pudding Magazine, Amarillo Bay and Turbulence Poetry.

He currently resides in Dayton, Ohio with his beautiful girlfriend, her young son, three
dogs, and two tiny fish.