The Hospital Chaplain Nears the End of His Career

The Hospital Chaplain Nears the End of His Career
Len Byers

I scarcely Facebook
never Tweet barely Linkedin
a throwback.

36 years on the job ended yesterday
37 years started today
with prayers for a family having to let go
for a troubled soul fearing the touch of evil spirits
in her neck and groin
just another blessed day

but I am blessed to have taken this path
to have been allowed to remain here
despite all the personal ups and downs
I will be here four more I hope
to make the biblical 40 number
that has some mystery
that seems cool to me

I do want to chase trains
run model trains
spend time with grandchildren
but I do enough of all that
and still get to do this

it is a wow as they say these days
life is good, one stent in heart
hopefully heart is okay,
holding back the vagaries of diabetes
think medicine and lots of
make-me-sore exercise are keeping
me in the game

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise
I will be here a while yet.
I am kind of afraid of that first day I don’t go in
any morning now
I would rather sleep than get up and go
but I know when there is no going in
I will wake up
at the crack of dawn

about the author
Len Byers is a spiritual soul helping others in a hospital setting. He sees poetry
in the lives around him.