Red Giants

Red Giants
Marc Mannheimer

thought it would be a cool idea
to draw her
in her bed
after the stroke

this soon turned into—
an unflattering portrait of my mother

I finished it
before throwing it out,
the wispy, white and charcoal gray hair
the narrow nose
with the long nostrils
drawn in red ink,
the only kind of pen
the nurse had

and what I found here
were memories—
of the things we had done
the ways she cared for me
how we played our game

the whole time
never realizing
we were actually stars, red giants
from a universe nested in this one

solar best friends, asleep
dreaming ourselves
mother and son

about the author
I have been writing seriously for about eight years, mostly poetry, but also some short fiction, non-fiction and lyrics. My first chapbook if the moon was right was recently published by Writing Knights Press. I have had poetry and short stories printed online at Troubadour 21, and have published poetry at Messy Magazine. I have also appeared in three Cleveland anthologies.