in Issue 6


An Ubi Sunt for the Bees, Eric Blanchard
Jeanne Calment of France, Kerry Trautman
Leave-Taking, Kathy Austin
Groundwork in Persistence, Gina Giardina
Honestly, Jane Kretschmann
December, Joyce Genari
Upon Not Yet Being Diagnosed, Heather Martin
Lily, Sara Bickley
Resubmitting, Sara Bickley
When You Think of a Distant War, Noah Falck
Vigil, Nicole Rahe
Science of Wasted Motion, Marietta Ball
Do You Know Any Blues? Jane Kretschmann
Espresso’s Perfume, Chuck Von Nordheim
Red Giants, Marc Mannheimer
The Hospital Chaplain Nears the End of His Career, Len Byers
Wind Story, Elizabeth Schmidt
River Color, Chuck Von Nordheim
Advice to the Lovelorn, Mary Jo White
She Thinks I Don’t Have Any Original Ideas, Brandon Edward North
Before They Tell You It’s Over, Noah Falck
Fossils, Elizabeth Schmidt
Beware of Poet, Eric Blanchard


Last Will in Testament, Lori Lopez
Dodging the Past, Cyndi Pauwels
Glass House, Mary Jo White


Unexplored Country, Ed Davis
More Than a Massage, Tara Pettit


All That Jazz, Alison Bour
Dark Tunnel, Anna Moser

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