Do You Know Any Blues?

Do You Know Any Blues?
Jane Kretschmann

Do you know any blues?
the woman asks, tending
bar in the nearly empty
restaurant. At first I think
she means songs, taking me
for the torch singer I always
wanted to be. Or maybe
she is seeking some advice
about how to deal with
a bit of winter depression,
preferring to ask a stranger
rather than confide in a friend.

You look kind of like a Sally Blue
who owns a store here,
she continues, helping me out.
No, I don’t know Sally
or her Blue relatives.  But if
the bartender wants to know
about debts, disappointments,
missed opportunities,
low down men, and
the fear of growing old
alone, she had best pour
a double for both of us.

about the author
Jane K. Kretschmann is a happily retired English professor who owes much of her poetry success to her friend and first poetry teacher, Cathy Essinger, and to Foothills Publishing, which published her chapbook, Imagining a Life.