Science of Wasted Motion

Science of Wasted Motion
The Management Myth: Why the Experts Keep Getting it Wrong
Marietta Ball

Matthew Stewart has written a book
debunking Scientific Management.
Now, a century after the heyday of the
movement, universities are stuck with
programs pumping out consultants
who have no workers to manage,
no businesses with which to consult.

Poets have always been left alone to
stutter their labored syllables unclocked.
Efficiency mavens never found poetry worth
the bother of a time study. No expert ever tried
to increase the amount of rhymes per minute
or figure the ratio of scratched-out words
to published lines per year.

Stewart presents evidence of skewed
data, fudged figures, and lies,
adversity that poets can turn, unhurried,
into statements born of investigation into
mankind’s tendency to push and pull.

Perhaps poets can teach these
unemployed efficiency experts how
to exchange dilemma for affirmation of
human capability apart from measured output,
apart from science of wasted motion
which, it now seems, was not as wasted as
the charts once indicated.

about the author
Marietta Ball lives in Xenia, Ohio. Her poems and short stories have appeared in The Journal of Kentucky Studies, Calliope, The Dayton Daily News, M Magazine and other publications, and her poems have been featured on WYSO’s Conrad’s Corner. Her novel, Horses Can See in the Dark, is available on Amazon and Kindle.