Jane Kretschmann

Everyone stresses honesty,
writing the painful parts,
telling the truth.
Isn’t there something
to be said for silence,
the white space?

Laying down A Doll House,
I pour another cup of coffee—
better caffeine than alcohol—
nibble a macaroon
and for the third time
in as many months
write a check from one
bankcard to pay
the bill for another.

Must I write how
a weariness weights
my bones every time
I think of a house
full of belongings
paid for with credit?

Nora has it all wrong
waiting for the wonderful.
Torvald will never understand
why she dances as if her life
depends on a tarantella.
He cannot even imagine
her secret debt, her proud shame,
her slamming door.

about the author
Jane K. Kretschmann is a happily retired English professor who owes much of her poetry success to her friend and first poetry teacher, Cathy Essinger, and to Foothills Publishing, which published her chapbook, Imagining a Life.