An Ubi Sunt for the Bees

An Ubi Sunt for the Bees
by Eric Blanchard

Where did all the honey bees go? The loss
of spring flowers never stung so deeply
or lingered so long. That old folksong
about young men and soldiers and flowers
and graveyards going
seems almost apropos.
Where did they go? To graveyards? To war?
What about weddings and rice? I will
collect birdseed, instead, for the hummingbirds
who seek flowers. I will water them with
colored syrup and iced tea (sweetened,
of course). I will attract the last
remaining bees with organic honey
generously smeared on a wooden plank.
I will cover it with glass and seal it
tightly. I will hang it on my wall,
so I can watch the bees, even after
the flowers have gone to graveyards.

about the author
Eric Blanchard grew up in Houston, Texas, and later earned degrees in philosophy (B.A.) and jurisprudence (J.D.). In addition to practicing law, Eric has been editor-in-chief of an international trade law journal, and worked in the Texas legislature. Eric’s poetry has been published in publications such as Hanging Moss Journal, Autumn Sky Poetry, Oak Bend Review, Rust and Moth, Breadcrumb Scabs, and Pudding Magazine. He has been known to blog about poetry, politics and the world beyond at eric’s voices at Eric resides in Dayton, Ohio, with his beautiful girlfriend, her young son, three dogs, and two tiny fish.

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